The Hunger Games

I want to see this fucking movie so bad. It reminds me of the Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger, only this is about a girl who volunteers in place of her little sister. She has to make it through the games to not only survive, but to save her little sister. The plot is ripe for all kinds of violence and drama. I think I will take my girlfriend with me to go see it as soon as it hits theaters. I usually go to the theater near my house, but for this movie I am going to the big theater.

The screens are bigger and the seats recline better. The whole place is just nicer. I could do without the exorbitant cost but it is what it is and there is nothing for it. I want to see this one in the theater, not on cable on demand. Don’t get me wrong, I love my big screen TV, but the theater is much better for this kind of movie. I am going to sneak my flask into the theater so we can spike our drinks while we watch the movie. I know that is a no no, but I don’t care. I really want to enjoy the movie to its fullest and have fun with my girl.


I love going to the movies but those cocksuckers charge too much. It is difficult to take a woman out on a date when that date can break you. The economy is such that even a simple dinner and a movie will cost over a hundred and fifty dollars. That doesn’t include drinks afterwards if you are so inclined. How’s a man supposed to take his lady out if it means not paying a bill from his home to do it. I miss the good old days when things were cheaper. Gas was under two dollars a gallon and a movie was only a couple of bucks. You almost have to take out a loan to do anything now a days.

Ah well, I will persevere. It is time to get creative. If I really like the woman perhaps I will make her dinner and watch a movie here at home with drinks out by the pool. I am not trying to be cheap, but you know how it is. We have to get creative if we want to have a social life. I like entertaining though so it shouldn’t be a problem. I keep a clean house, unlike most bachelor pads, and my decorating has style thanks to a little help from my sister.


Just watched the movie, Burlesque. It stars Cher and Christina Aguilera and several other people who look familiar from hit TV shows and other movies. I was mostly wanting to watch Cher. She sings in the movie and still has a great voice. I don’t know that the movie was all that great – the story line was pretty weak and predictable. But the soundtrack was awesome.

Naughty Teacher

Here it is the end of August and probably at least half of this country is back in school by now. I think only the major metropolitan areas along the East Coast wait until after Labor Day to start their school year.

There is a commercial for a new movie called “Bad Teacher” starring Cameron Diaz. I don’t like Cameron Diaz so I don’t give a shit about paying good money to watch this in the theaters. Maybe one day when I bored out of my mind I might rent it from Redbox. Better yet, I’ll wait until it comes out on cable.

The whole point of the movie seems to be that a charming girl who has really bad habits that are not appropriate for a teacher just needs a little love and understanding. Sound like a load of crap.

Whats the last good one you seen?

When it comes to adult movies what was the last good one you saw? i have been thinking about buying a couple recently and I wanted to see if there were any must have titles to get when i am shopping for them. One thing I have learned of course is to buy it online, whatever it is when it comes to adult products because at the stores they charge you twice as much as what you can get online.

I am thinking the last great adult film i saw this year was on HBO of all places and it was just one of those 30 minute skin flicks that had some lame title but the women in the film were unbelievably hot. So if you know of any good ones like the last one that stuck in your mind because it was just so good leave the title in your comment.