I want a new car

I really am tired of this fucking car. I want a new one or a truck. It doesn’t have to be a big truck though a small one would do. I do like the new Jetta by VW. I test drove one the other day just for kicks and it was fast, sleek and a lot of fun to drive. Ok this one wasn’t new new, because this years model is a sedan, and the one I drove was a¬†convertible, but it was awesome. Jetta convertible’s are hard to find, because there aren’t that many of them. I don’t think they made them for multiple years, but I will have to look that up to be sure.

This one was fully fucking loaded and the interior was immaculate. I am seriously thinking about buying it. My old car is really about to die. I have had it a long time and it was used when I got it. I have put a lot of miles on it and before it dies completely leaving me high and dry, I think it would be prudent to replace it. I will take my friend Gary with me to go look at it first though, because he is a mechanic and will check it out fully first. He will bring his computer to make sure there are no electrical problems that I shoudl be concerned about.

Finally got my return

Now it is time to buy me a new fucking phone. I decided to get myself a new Android phone. They have the best applications and most of them are free. I have been using this old phone for two years and I am long past due for a new one. I don’t really know how I managed to keep from breaking this shit. It is a flip phone and everyone knows that flip phones break from constant use. I do use my phone a lot too. I am happy that it didn’t actually break too soon, because now I can afford to get a phone I really want.

I have been searching for the applications I like. One of them is the constellation app. If you turn on the app and hold the phone up to the night sky so the camera can see it, it will show you which stars are which constellations. It’s a cool as shit application and the ladies will love it. I am also going to have the hot spot as well. I have to pay extra for that but it will come in handy for when I want to take my lap top with me places and be able to use it successfully.


I love going to the movies but those cocksuckers charge too much. It is difficult to take a woman out on a date when that date can break you. The economy is such that even a simple dinner and a movie will cost over a hundred and fifty dollars. That doesn’t include drinks afterwards if you are so inclined. How’s a man supposed to take his lady out if it means not paying a bill from his home to do it. I miss the good old days when things were cheaper. Gas was under two dollars a gallon and a movie was only a couple of bucks. You almost have to take out a loan to do anything now a days.

Ah well, I will persevere. It is time to get creative. If I really like the woman perhaps I will make her dinner and watch a movie here at home with drinks out by the pool. I am not trying to be cheap, but you know how it is. We have to get creative if we want to have a social life. I like entertaining though so it shouldn’t be a problem. I keep a clean house, unlike most bachelor pads, and my decorating has style thanks to a little help from my sister.

Piggy Banks

Do you have a piggy bank? I have a big pink one. It sits on top of my washing machine. For some reason, that is where all the loose change always turns up. When I am doing laundry I take the loose change out of my pockets and plunk it into The Pig. It is amazing how much money ends up in that pig. Last time I took it to the bank and turned in all the change they gave me over $300 in my checking account.