Valentines day sucks ass

I cannot wait for this stupid fucking holiday to pass. This has to be the dumbest holiday there is and it totally sucks ass. All I see is a holiday manufactured by the card, flower, jewelry and chocolate companies to cash in on. It gives women an unrealistic idea of what men should be like all the time. It’s as bad as those idiot romance novels and chick flick movies. Totally unrealistic. There is no way for men to live up to that shit and then women get pissed off when we can’t. We are men. We fart, burp, scratch and generally are gross. We like it that way.

I hate having to live up to expectations like that. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough money for a lot of gifts or the relationship hasn’t reached a gift giving stage, and if you ignore the damned holiday then the relationship is doomed right then and there. Maybe I shouldn’t hate on it so much, but it is kind of hard not to. I don’t like to disappoint people I like and if I am dating a girl it means I like her. I might not be in love yet, but I like her just the same. I vote this holiday and unfair one.

Head Games

Something about flirting and then dating and trying to get to know people always seems to end up a game. These games will wear you out. Especially when the relationship gets to the point where you both have to make a decision if you want to be exclusive or accept some mutually agreed level of commitment. Then it can turn into head games – or worse. I wish it was more effortless and natural. The head games cause so much drama and most of the time its not worth it.

Poker Run for 4 Year Old Justin

You could hear the rumble of Harley’s for miles as they all gathered to start a poker run for Justin. Justin is a local 4 year old that was diagnosed with leukemia a month ago. His parents don’t have much so the expense for his treatments are a real strain on the family since the boy’s mother had to quit work to stay by Justin’s side.

Not even one of these tattooed, long haired, leather clad bikers knows Justin or his parents but they know the child needs help so a local group of bikers who had heard about Justin from a family member that knows his mother decided to put together a poker run to raise money for the family. They managed to raise over $5,000 which I’m sure will help his parents out, big time.

Now who said dirty old bikers don’t have a heart? Sure wasn’t me!!!!! Justin and his family are in the hearts of all of us now. His little life is in the hands of a higher power than any of us but their thoughts and prayers are with Justin and his family in hopes that a miracle comes their way.

finger fucking for better fucking

When she’s got a tight little pussy you have to eat it a little different. Most girls I’ve been with can take a pretty hardcore finger fucking, but this one is much more snesitive, quite tight her tiny little pussy is. I want to fuck her, but I’ve got to take some time to loosen her up. Only one or two fingers, we won’t even be trying to get into fisting anytime soon.

there are times when in a hurry I just go for the most sensitive spots, you know, lick the clit hard and press up on the g-spot – get her off quickly so we can get to the fucking and getting off. With her the goal is a little different, and so is the technique.

One finger at a time, and going slow.
have to be real carfeul when pulling out too; you don’t want to pull her insides out that’s not pleasurable. the goal is to get her to tighten up on the finger and then relax. Start by going down then side to side, real slow and feel her clench up and relax, then move to another direction. after pressing up down and side to side a few times, hopefully she will begin to relax and become more reception to the larger cock you are want to slide into her.

More love making videos please

Back in the say in order to watch movies that were adult related you would have to drive pretty far and go to some little shop that did not have any signs other than you must be 18 in order to enter and there we would have to look around with all the other curious people looking to learn more about adult love making.

Of course some were there for other reasons like finding a helping guide to help them masterbate and other things but me i wanted to learn how to make love to my woman at the time better and back then there were really no how to videos or better love making videos on the market. And even today there are only a couple of them out there.

I hope one day my society stops repressing sexuality and starts to embrace teachings on better love making so we can all enjoy better orgasms and get in touch with our spiritual side of our beings instead of the opposite.